VTEX Integrated Store details

Meta description From built-in product subscription management to online order modification, your customers have control over how they shop. GET A PLATFORM OVERVIEW.
Total websites 3,518
Total websites in alexa top 1M 148
Websites gained current month 41
Websites lost current month 13
Popular countries Brazil, Italy, United States, Spain, Brasil
Popular technologies VTEX Integrated Store, jQuery, New Relic, Open Web Analytics, Google Font API
Popular couriers TNT, Estes, DHL
Popular payment providers VISA, PagSeguro, Mercado Pago
Popular ISP Inc, amazon.com, amazon.com Inc.
Popular categories Home and garden, Clothing, Health and beauty

Top retailers using VTEX Integrated Store

Website Alexa Rank
rrsoftwarestore.com 100,951
mundovapor.com 182,531
vapelandbr.com 283,460
valejet.com 294,960
universovapor.com 301,096
nuancie.com 327,637
mundodovapor.com 329,584
eletrogate.com 359,402
zagabriahookah.com.br 54,048
gtmax3d.com.br 89,100
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VTEX Integrated Store trends on ShopRank

Month New websites Lost websites
2020-09 41 13
2020-08 37 16
2020-07 46 8
2020-06 48 16
2020-05 64 10
2020-04 30 8

Retailers using VTEX Integrated Store by country

Country Websites Leads
Brazil 3,267 Link soon
Italy 37 Link soon
United States 37 Link soon
Spain 10 Link soon
Brasil 9 Link soon
France 6 Link soon
Germany 6 Link soon
Japan 6 Link soon
China 5 Link soon
United Kingdom 5 Link soon
Chile 2 Link soon
Hungary 2 Link soon
Mexico 2 Link soon
Tuvalu 2 Link soon
Guernsey 1 Link soon

VTEX Integrated Store movement

This paragraph is showing where VTEX Integrated Store is gaining and losing customers

Supplier Won
VTEX 91 (link soon)
Magento 74 (link soon)
OpenCart 33 (link soon)
Tray 24 (link soon)
Shopify 22 (link soon)
WooCommerce 21 (link soon)
VTEX Enterprise 11 (link soon)
PrestaShop 9 (link soon)
osCommerce 2 (link soon)
Fbits 1 (link soon)
Supplier Lost
Tray 70 (link soon)
WooCommerce 59 (link soon)
Magento 26 (link soon)
VTEX 25 (link soon)
Shopify 19 (link soon)
OpenCart 8 (link soon)
Fbits 5 (link soon)
PrestaShop 4 (link soon)
NEO - Omnichannel Commerce Platform 2 (link soon)
Hybris 1 (link soon)

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