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    Define your ideal customers

    Tell us about your target group
    - what countries Ecommerce should operate on ?
    - how big it should be in terms of revenue ?

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    ShopRank filters over 2 mln companies to find only those relevant to you

    You can filter based on technologies, traffic on the website, payment solutions, languages and many others.

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    Download the list of leads, and start calling!

    In less than one minute you can generate high-quality CSV file with list of ideal companies.

    Business development never was easier!

Who is ShopRank for?

Business developer

ShopRank will help you find new prospects, qualify the existing leads and grow your business using one tool!

Sales director

With ShopRank your team have access to always fresh information about revenue of your leads. High quality data means better personalisation, more calls and higher conversion!

Ecommerce manager

With ShopRank you can monitor your competition, learn global market trends and decide which niche is worth to explore next!

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Join hundreads of satisfied customers using our data globally

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Why ShopRank ?


The most complete E-commerce database

ShopRank is by far the most complete and up-to-date database of online shops globally with around 2 Millions e-stores


International market research

Use ShopRank to get accurate information about international sellers and cross-border operations


Latest market share reports and trends

Stay informed on the latest technology, payment and logistics developments with ShopRank

About ShopRank

Big e-commerce dataset

We are monitoring over 2 mln of web shops in fields like technologies, couriers, payment providers, traffic and more

Frequent refresh

We are refreshing our data by our crawlers every month for each shop to provide you fresh information

Extensive information

We monitor fields like ecommerce platform, technologies, couriers, alexa rank, phone numbers, country, meta description and more


We are storing our monitoring changes in changelog so we can see how shops evolved in last months or years

Ecommerce market

We are focusing only on e-commerce and we providing data related only to that market


With ShopRank you can filter e-commerces based on numerous criteria

Popular leads

E-commerce websites by eCommerce platform

1,262,422 companies


761,695 companies


156,033 companies


141,168 companies


96,457 companies

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E-commerce websites by couriers

241,384 companies


239,245 companies


191,097 companies


166,006 companies


158,862 companies

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E-commerce websites by payments

818,235 companies


555,544 companies

American Express

512,608 companies


472,713 companies

Apple Pay

277,119 companies

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E-commerce websites by country
United States

936,958 companies

United Kingdom

284,494 companies


232,211 companies


156,428 companies


128,407 companies

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E-commerce websites by category
Home and garden

363,863 companies

Recreation and sports

233,965 companies


219,872 companies

Health and beauty

170,448 companies


142,235 companies

E-commerce websites by alexa rank
Top 0 - 10K

752 companies

Top 10K - 100K

7,806 companies

Top 100K - 500K

37,893 companies

Top 500K - 1M

44,086 companies

Top 1M - 2M

67,609 companies


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