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Meta description We are running a highly modern data center in Frankfurt am Main. Our core business is the rental and operation of servers and data center space. For questions: ...
Total websites 2,574
Total websites in alexa top 1M 40
Websites gained current month 0
Websites lost current month 0
Popular countries Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Austria, Netherlands
Popular technologies Nginx, jQuery, PHP, JTL Shop, Bootstrap
Popular couriers DHL, DPD, Deutsche Post
Popular payment providers PayPal, Klarna, Amazon Pay
Popular ISP Cloudflare, Google LLC, Ovh Sas
Popular categories Recreation and sports, Home and garden, Clothing

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Website Alexa Rank 35,943 58,325 77,621 115,545 137,826 186,781 245,426 251,097 252,415 256,609
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First Colo Gmbh trends on ShopRank

Month New websites Lost websites
2020-11 0 0
2020-10 6 17
2020-09 96 74
2020-08 0 0
2020-07 0 0
2020-06 12 88

Retailers using First Colo Gmbh by country

Country Websites Leads
Germany 2,199 Link soon
Ukraine 81 Link soon
Russia 48 Link soon
Austria 33 Link soon
Netherlands 28 Link soon
France 22 Link soon
Switzerland 21 Link soon
Azerbaijan 18 Link soon
United States 13 Link soon
Italy 11 Link soon
United Kingdom 11 Link soon
Poland 4 Link soon
Spain 4 Link soon
Sweden 4 Link soon
Australia 2 Link soon

First Colo Gmbh movement

This paragraph is showing where First Colo Gmbh is gaining and losing customers

Supplier Won
Hetzner Online Gmbh 17 (link soon)
Strato Ag 13 (link soon)
Host Europe Gmbh 11 (link soon)
1&1 Ionos Se 10 (link soon)
Robert Meyer Trading as Mittwald Cm Service Gmbh & Co. Kg 7 (link soon)
Inc 6 (link soon)
Neue Medien Muennich 6 (link soon) 6 (link soon)
Cloudflare 5 (link soon)
Netcup Gmbh 4 (link soon)
Supplier Lost
Webgo Gmbh 76 (link soon)
Hetzner Online Gmbh 32 (link soon)
Droptop Gmbh 28 (link soon)
Cloudflare 27 (link soon)
Strato Ag 16 (link soon)
1&1 Ionos Se 15 (link soon)
Inc 11 (link soon)
Host Europe Gmbh 11 (link soon) 11 (link soon)
Neue Medien Muennich 10 (link soon)

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