IBM WebSphere Commerce details

Meta description WebSphere Commerce is a single, unified platform that offers the ability to do business directly with consumers (B2C), directly with businesses (B2B), and indirectly through channel partners (indirect business models).
Total websites 1,001
Total websites in alexa top 1M 259
Websites gained current month 1
Websites lost current month 0
Popular countries United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, France
Popular technologies Java, jQuery, IBM WebSphere Commerce, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics
Popular couriers UPS, DHL, FedEx
Popular payment providers VISA, PayPal, MasterCard
Popular ISP Inc,, Google LLC
Popular categories Clothing, Home and garden, Publications

Top retailers using IBM WebSphere Commerce

Website Alexa Rank 883 3,016 3,477 5,445 5,451 5,578 6,061 6,916 7,009 7,023
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IBM WebSphere Commerce trends on ShopRank

Month New websites Lost websites
2020-07 1 0
2020-06 7 6
2020-05 5 5
2020-04 4 6
2020-03 6 4
2020-02 10 9

Retailers using IBM WebSphere Commerce by country

Country Websites Leads
United States 283 Link soon
United Kingdom 230 Link soon
Germany 157 Link soon
Canada 31 Link soon
France 29 Link soon
Italy 24 Link soon
Sweden 22 Link soon
Netherlands 15 Link soon
Finland 11 Link soon
Norway 11 Link soon
Poland 11 Link soon
Spain 10 Link soon
Switzerland 10 Link soon
Australia 9 Link soon
China 8 Link soon

IBM WebSphere Commerce movement

This paragraph is showing where IBM WebSphere Commerce is gaining and losing customers

Supplier Won
Magento 6 (link soon)
WooCommerce 5 (link soon)
Shopify 3 (link soon)
EPages 2 (link soon)
OpenCart 2 (link soon)
Salesforce Commerce Cloud 2 (link soon)
GOshop 1 (link soon)
OXID eShop 1 (link soon)
Supplier Lost
Magento 18 (link soon)
WooCommerce 10 (link soon)
Shopify 9 (link soon)
Salesforce Commerce Cloud 8 (link soon)
Bigcommerce 5 (link soon)
Hybris 2 (link soon)
Craft Commerce 1 (link soon)
GOshop 1 (link soon)
Netsuite 1 (link soon)
Shopware 1 (link soon)

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