Oracle Commerce details

Meta description A Unified Commerce Platform Oracle Commerce Cloud offers a set of unified SaaS solutions that put control in the hands of brands and retailers to innovate quickly, deliver connected, personalized experiences, and drive customer engagement, sales, and loyalty across channels.
Total websites 1,867
Total websites in alexa top 1M 243
Websites gained current month 4
Websites lost current month 4
Popular countries United States, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Germany
Popular technologies jQuery, Oracle Commerce, Java, Google Tag Manager, Modernizr
Popular couriers UPS, FedEx, USPS
Popular payment providers VISA, MasterCard, American Express
Popular ISP Teleflora LLC, Cloudflare, Akamai Technologies Inc.
Popular categories Flowers and gifts, Home and garden, Clothing

Top retailers using Oracle Commerce

Website Alexa Rank 2,002 2,045 2,213 3,535 3,701 3,935 4,543 4,769 4,884 5,367
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Oracle Commerce trends on ShopRank

Month New websites Lost websites
2020-04 4 4
2020-03 4 5
2020-02 5 11
2020-01 5 5
2019-12 4 7
2019-11 16 4

Retailers using Oracle Commerce by country

Country Websites Leads
United States 1,401 Link soon
Canada 138 Link soon
United Kingdom 58 Link soon
South Africa 39 Link soon
Germany 37 Link soon
Brazil 13 Link soon
Mexico 10 Link soon
Argentina 9 Link soon
Spain 9 Link soon
Brasil 7 Link soon
Chile 7 Link soon
Greece 7 Link soon
Italy 7 Link soon
Netherlands 7 Link soon
France 6 Link soon

Oracle Commerce movement

This paragraph is showing where Oracle Commerce is gaining and losing customers

Supplier Won
Magento 16 (link soon)
WooCommerce 5 (link soon)
Shopify 2 (link soon)
CS Cart 1 (link soon)
Intershop 1 (link soon)
Salesforce Commerce Cloud 1 (link soon)
Yahoo! Ecommerce 1 (link soon)
osCommerce 1 (link soon)
Supplier Lost
Magento 45 (link soon)
Salesforce Commerce Cloud 15 (link soon)
WooCommerce 9 (link soon)
Bigcommerce 7 (link soon)
GOshop 6 (link soon)
Shopify 5 (link soon)
VTEX Enterprise 4 (link soon)
Hybris 3 (link soon)
OXID eShop 3 (link soon)
Oracle Commerce Cloud 3 (link soon)

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