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Meta description phpBB is free and open source forum software that is easy to use, powerful, and highly customisable. Our community offers extensive support to end users.
Total websites 463 (get leads)
Total websites in alexa top 1M 10
Popular countries United States, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, France
Popular e-commerce platform WooCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop, osCommerce, JoomShopping
Popular technologies PHP, phpBB, Apache, jQuery, RSS
Popular couriers DHL, Hermes, Correos
Popular payment providers PayPal, Klarna, VISA
Popular categories Electronics, Hardware, Home & Garden

Top retailers using phpBB

Discover the top retailers who have chosen phpBB as their e-commerce platform. Our list provides valuable insights into the most successful phpBB - powered e-commerce websites, including their Alexa rank and monthly traffic data.

Website Monthly visitors Alexa Rank 722,935 143,575 662,418 156,583 241,678 424,885 184,914 554,653 177,682 577,477 161,546 631,837 158,254 646,687 136,941 745,918 127,333 801,889 103,201 987,751
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phpBB trends on ShopRank

Our reports include detailed data on the number of new websites that join phpBB each month, as well as the number of websites that leave the platform. By tracking these numbers over time, we can identify trends in growth and attrition rates, and provide our users with a comprehensive understanding of phpBB current and historical performance.

Month New websites Lost websites
2023-10 0 0
2023-09 0 0
2023-08 0 0
2023-07 0 0
2023-06 0 0
2023-05 0 0
2023-04 0 0
2023-03 0 0
2023-02 0 0
2023-01 0 0
2022-12 0 0
2022-11 0 0

Retailers using phpBB by country

At ShopRank, we provide a comprehensive list of retailers using phpBB by country, which includes the total number of websites using phpBB in each country.
Each country is accompanied by the total number of websites using phpBB in that region, providing you with a clear picture of phpBB popularity in each location. Additionally, we provide a link to leads for each country, allowing you to easily access a list of businesses using phpBB in that region.

Country Websites Leads
United States 73 Websites in United States
Russia 53 Websites in Russia
Germany 31 Websites in Germany
United Kingdom 17 Websites in United Kingdom
France 15 Websites in France
Greece 10 Websites in Greece
Ukraine 8 Websites in Ukraine
Bulgaria 7 Websites in Bulgaria
Canada 6 Websites in Canada
Italy 6 Websites in Italy
Netherlands 6 Websites in Netherlands
Austria 5 Websites in Austria
Slovakia 5 Websites in Slovakia
Spain 5 Websites in Spain
Poland 4 Websites in Poland

phpBB comparisons

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