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Meta description Jenkins X provides automated CI+CD for Kubernetes with Preview Environments on Pull Requests using Tekton, Knative, Prow, Skaffold and Helm - jenkins-x/jx.
Total websites 7,404 (get leads)
Total websites in alexa top 1M 188
Popular countries China, United States, Russia, Netherlands, Germany
Popular e-commerce platform WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, Magento, OpenCart
Popular technologies jQuery, Nginx, Bootstrap, HTTP/3, LazySizes
Popular couriers JX, Hermes, UPS
Popular payment providers PayPal, VISA, MasterCard
Popular categories Electronics, Home & Garden, Hardware

Top retailers using JX

Discover the top retailers who have chosen JX as their e-commerce platform. Our list provides valuable insights into the most successful JX - powered e-commerce websites, including their Alexa rank and monthly traffic data.

Website Monthly visitors Alexa Rank
goodsmileshop.com 4,675,663 22,522
roland.com 4,113,454 25,536
weathertech.com 2,919,597 35,954
buyma.hk 2,547,523 41,176
infinitiusa.com 2,257,575 46,264
lcsc.com 1,905,031 54,762
airpaz.com 1,687,888 61,713
ecvv.com 1,229,661 84,529
manualshelf.com 1,105,237 93,983
strumentimusicali.net 1,098,793 94,689
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JX trends on ShopRank

Our reports include detailed data on the number of new websites that join JX each month, as well as the number of websites that leave the platform. By tracking these numbers over time, we can identify trends in growth and attrition rates, and provide our users with a comprehensive understanding of JX current and historical performance.

Month New websites Lost websites
2023-09 263 284
2023-08 277 256
2023-07 417 445
2023-06 363 367
2023-05 80 100
2023-04 110 136
2023-03 85 100
2023-02 688 749
2023-01 721 808
2022-12 276 54
2022-11 420 411
2022-10 403 451

Retailers using JX by country

At ShopRank, we provide a comprehensive list of retailers using JX by country, which includes the total number of websites using JX in each country.
Each country is accompanied by the total number of websites using JX in that region, providing you with a clear picture of JX popularity in each location. Additionally, we provide a link to leads for each country, allowing you to easily access a list of businesses using JX in that region.

Country Websites Leads
China 3,307 Websites in China
United States 788 Websites in United States
Russia 398 Websites in Russia
Netherlands 325 Websites in Netherlands
Germany 241 Websites in Germany
India 233 Websites in India
United Kingdom 199 Websites in United Kingdom
Ukraine 118 Websites in Ukraine
France 85 Websites in France
Poland 84 Websites in Poland
Japan 82 Websites in Japan
Australia 73 Websites in Australia
Vietnam 62 Websites in Vietnam
Italy 59 Websites in Italy
Spain 58 Websites in Spain

JX movement

This paragraph displays which competitors are losing and gaining customers to Shopify.

Competitor Won Leads
UPS 346 See
DHL 202 See
TNT 148 See
FedEx 143 See
GLS 113 See
USPS 104 See
DPD 78 See
Speedy 77 See
TCS 64 See
ASM 60 See
Competitor Lost Leads
UPS 263 See
DHL 217 See
TNT 194 See
FedEx 129 See
GLS 113 See
Speedy 96 See
USPS 90 See
TCS 86 See
TransMission 78 See
ASM 70 See

JX comparisons

Page that provides information on how JX stacks up against its competitors