WebMoney details

Meta description WebMoney Transfer is a global settlement system and environment for online business activities.
Total websites 8,512 (get leads)
Total websites in alexa top 1M 287
Popular countries Russia, Ukraine, United States, Belarus, Kazakhstan
Popular e-commerce platform 1C-Bitrix, WooCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop, InSales
Popular technologies jQuery, PHP, Nginx, Yandex.Metrika, Open Graph
Popular couriers DHL, Boxberry, DPD
Popular payment providers WebMoney, MasterCard, VISA
Popular categories Home & Garden, Hardware, Electronics

Top retailers using WebMoney

Discover the top retailers who have chosen WebMoney as their e-commerce platform. Our list provides valuable insights into the most successful WebMoney - powered e-commerce websites, including their Alexa rank and monthly traffic data.

Website Monthly visitors Alexa Rank
labirint.ru 41,705,555 2,515
vapesourcing.com 10,377,581 9,983
bookwalker.jp 5,929,988 17,393
alltime.ru 2,871,576 35,732
petshop.ru 2,740,817 37,430
3dexport.com 2,130,207 48,072
fotosklad.ru 2,118,902 48,308
hufworldwide.jp 2,079,151 49,196
oz.by 1,992,560 51,297
pcbway.com 1,822,112 56,120
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WebMoney trends on ShopRank

Our reports include detailed data on the number of new websites that join WebMoney each month, as well as the number of websites that leave the platform. By tracking these numbers over time, we can identify trends in growth and attrition rates, and provide our users with a comprehensive understanding of WebMoney current and historical performance.

Month New websites Lost websites
2023-06 34 52
2023-05 84 105
2023-04 134 150
2023-03 80 110
2023-02 789 899
2023-01 1138 1021
2022-12 503 92
2022-11 466 642
2022-10 424 662
2022-09 499 662
2022-08 442 666
2022-07 504 749

Retailers using WebMoney by country

At ShopRank, we provide a comprehensive list of retailers using WebMoney by country, which includes the total number of websites using WebMoney in each country.
Each country is accompanied by the total number of websites using WebMoney in that region, providing you with a clear picture of WebMoney popularity in each location. Additionally, we provide a link to leads for each country, allowing you to easily access a list of businesses using WebMoney in that region.

Country Websites Leads
Russia 6,675 Websites in Russia
Ukraine 410 Websites in Ukraine
United States 337 Websites in United States
Belarus 108 Websites in Belarus
Kazakhstan 81 Websites in Kazakhstan
China 77 Websites in China
Lithuania 70 Websites in Lithuania
United Kingdom 52 Websites in United Kingdom
India 35 Websites in India
Canada 32 Websites in Canada
Japan 29 Websites in Japan
Latvia 28 Websites in Latvia
Germany 26 Websites in Germany
France 20 Websites in France
Moldova 19 Websites in Moldova

WebMoney movement

This paragraph displays which competitors are losing and gaining customers to Shopify.

Competitor Won Leads
iDEAL 388 See
VISA 375 See
PayPal 191 See
MasterCard 188 See
Bolt 99 See
American Express 97 See
Stripe Connect 96 See
TransferWise 93 See
AliPay 72 See
Competitor Lost Leads
MasterCard 314 See
VISA 245 See
Apple Pay 147 See
Google Pay 140 See
JCB 139 See
PayPal 136 See
LiteCoin 94 See
American Express 92 See
BitCoin 88 See
Stripe Connect 88 See

WebMoney comparisons

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